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Whitewater writers talk with Clinton

BillClinton.jpgBobby Moresco and Mark R. Harris who were two of the men behind Crash (Filmstalker review), are teaming up to write the script for the Whitewater film about Susan McDougal. She spent almost two years in jail for her refusal to implicate President Clinton in the real estate scandal at the time before the President eventually pardoned her.

According to the writers comments through Variety they actually sat down with Clinton and discussed the film and how much the story should be told. They also agree that McDougal wasn't totally without blame, but it's the story of the underdog and for her strength to stand for her beliefs is what they are most drawn to.

It does sound like it could make for a very interesting tale, and with the previous rumour that Charlize Theron is playing McDougal and Paul Haggis may well direct, it sounds like we could have a strong political film here.



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