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X-Files 2 confirmation from series producer

X-Files_Poster.jpgAs if we needed anymore confirmation Frank Spotnitz, a former Executive Producer on the series has confirmed the film is in development.

On his official blog he's announced the following:

"Several people have e-mailed to ask about reports that the second X-Files feature is finally in the works...A script is indeed in development, but I'm afraid that's all I can say..."

The quote comes through SciFi Wire.

Frankly I'm not that interested now. After the words that the film will not follow the long running X-Files conspiracy story, and instead it will be a straight horror, I've lost interest. For me the X-Files was the long running conspiracy with interesting padding out episodes.

What was it for you? Can you possibly see a straight up horror X-Files 2 working with the audience? I'm sure it will as a straight up horror, but for those expecting some X-Files action...



i'm interested, Richard...and think abut it in these terms...

...if a stand alone "monster of the week" movie does well ( even remotely average ) we miiiight just be able to expect to see some sort of "return to form" for the story arc in the form of a third movie, which could deal with the conspiracy.

I miss the characters, Richard. They were dear to me for quite a large chunk of my early adult life. I think alot of people feel that way. Don't dismiss this movie right off until you hear news about the direction the script is going. After all...monster of the week episodes were usually some of the more memorable ones : )

like you, i would only hope that they'd go in the conspiracy direction...but if Chris Carter is thinking this would be the best thing for the franchise, I can't think of a counter argument, in all honesty

Oh I miss them too, without a doubt. Yet to have tied us into series which are based around this conspiracy theory, create a film that leaves us all hanging, only to dismiss it altogether, is the wrong thing to do in my mind.

I liked the monster ones too, but then I really loved the conspiracy side and I felt somewhat cheated when I didn't find the answers in the film.

The film felt just like one of the tv episodes - no closure.


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