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10,000 mile trek survivor film

Germany is pouring into its past, positive or negative, to take great stories to Hollywood, and the latest is about the sinking of the SMS Emden in 1914 where the thirty two survivors travelled ten thousand miles with just two machine guns to the safety of Berlin.

This story seems to laugh in the face of other true life survival stories from Hollywood. The German battleship light cruiser SMS Emden was in the South China Sea at the beginning of World War I when it was sunk by Allied forces. The thirty two survivors then made their way from China all the way to Berlin.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the German Director Berengar Pfahl will helm the film Emden Men which tells this incredible story, a story that needs to be seen, and I'm already interested.



SMS Emden was a light cruiser, not a battleship. ;)

SMS Emden was sunk by the Australian Cruiser HMAS Sydney, Capt Glossop.


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