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28 Weeks Later online game with extended clip

28WeeksLater.jpgHere's a little fun game for 28 Weeks Later that results in an extended, and rather horrific, clip from the film. Well, that is if you complete the game.

Don't worry though, it's a very short Flash game and a load of fun. You play one of the infected and you have to infect the humans, avoiding the soldiers who are out to kill you.

You can play it over at the Fox International site. It's almost too easy and too short, but it's a cool stress buster and the reward clip is pretty long, well worth the wait.

The clip has been online before, but it's been split up and in a lesser quality, so it is worth taking a look. This pre-release material is actually getting me really interested in seeing 28 Weeks Later. The great news is that there's a press screening tomorrow that I could attend...the bad news is that I can't attend because I'm giving a presentation at the same time!



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