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A Mighty Heart trailer online

AMightyHeart.jpgThe trailer is online for A Mighty Heart, the Angelina Jolie starring film that traces the true story of Mariane Pearl as she tries to find her husband, a journalist kidnapped somewhere in Pakistan.

The film is based on her story which she published called "A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Danny Pearl" and tells the harrowing tale from her viewpoint. Pearl was kidnapped while researching a story about the unsuccessful shoe bomber Richard Reid and was kidnapped with video and stills of him appearing in news sources throughout the world. Ultimately he was murdered, an horrific act that was also filmed and released.

Now A Mighty Heart, directed by Michael Winterbottom, has a trailer which has just been released online, and it's right here for you to see.

It comes from Just Jared through JoBlo.

It's more like a teaser than anything else, but it does bring some power and drama out from the film, something I'm sure we can expect to see in droves. You can also see the official site for the film which has gone online. Awards for Angelina Jolie do you think?



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