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Allen's Cassandra's Dream struggling?

WoodyAllen.jpgWoody Allen has been having a hard time trying to sell his latest film in Cannes, despite Cassandra's Dream having a strong cast and story.

Previously his film Scoop failed to gain a UK release, despite the bankable talents involved. Apart from his own name there were Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, Ian McShane, Charles Dance and Anthony Head.

Now the news that Cassandra's Dream is having a hard time is worrying for Woody Allen's career direction. It even carries the names of Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell and Tom Wilkinson.

The film tells the story of two brothers, played by McGregor and Farrell, who have financial problems and are turned to crime through the extremely strong allure a girlfriend of one of the brothers. She uses her hold on them to turn them to crime, and in the process sets them against each other.

I think that sounds like a great plot, and with very strong stars in there, so why isn't it selling? Well the story from Teletext suggests that it is because it's an even more sober film than Scoop, and quite off the normal Allen beaten track.

If that really is the case then this worries me. I've never really been an Allen fan until Match Point (Filmstalker review), and from there I've found his films much more intriguing and engaging. Are you a pre or post Match Point Allen fan?



Woody Allen has always been hit and miss with me. I didn't start watching his films till my late teens and honestly, I've not seen much of his early work. However, I have enjoyed his last few films...Melinda, Melinda, Match Point and Scoop. I rather enjoyed the direction he's taken in his last two films. I hope he finds distrubtion for his latest film because I'd like to see it.

Personally, I am after Woody's films with uncoditional love. The man is brilliant in my eye. however. Some films lack a bit, he always happens to make up for it in the end.


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