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An Inconvenient Truth sequel?

AnInconvenientTruth.jpgHere's an interesting idea, how do you create a sequel to An Inconvenient Truth? Well there is a way as the Director of the film Davis Guggenheim is saying that he is in talks with Paramount about the film.

According to the Director he is off next week to talk with Paramount about the idea and how they could do it. One might wonder what direction this sequel to An Inconvenient Truth (Filmstalker review) will take.

The first film looked at the problem of our slow destruction of the environment that is starting to catch up on us rapidly. Could a sequel take a much more pointed look at what can be done? Would it concentrate on addressing all the theories out there that are attacking the documentary?

The quote comes from IESB through Moviehole where Clint suggests that the documentary could be out in time for the 2008 elections. Well, let's hope so. Either it might be there to educate the voters, or perhaps to promote someone to office?

Either way I think it's a good move to see another film addressing the issues. It's clear we're not doing enough when we could be taking such simple steps forward, and regardless of the actual issues, I found Al Gore and the film deeply engaging.



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