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Another Texas Chainsaw film?

TexasChainsawMassacre.jpgI'm fed up of sequels, and I'm seriously thinking of stopping writing about them. Yet the idea that they are perhaps going to make another Texas Chainsaw film, despite the promise that they weren't going to revist the story after The Beginning film.

However, and here's the big however, this is has Internet Rumour stamped all over it, there are no sources quoted and there's no idea how or where the rumour came from. Chances are this could be dead before we know it. Yet I wouldn't put it past the studio either.

According to Shock Till You Drop through the insanely cool HorrorMovies.ca, look let me just quote their story so there's no mix up how weak this is...

Shock has learned Platinum Dunes and New Line are seriously flirting with a third Texas Chainsaw Massacre film...After doing some digging, we've heard a few puzzle pieces need to fall into place before the film is official and story pitches can be taken.

Okay, check that again, "seriously flirting" and there's certain things to be done before it's official or even story pitches are taken...so if this is true it's incredibly early and could just be a conversation that happened in a board room somewhere.



Ay aye AYE! You have got to be kidding me! Another one?


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