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Armageddon: The Day Before Tomorrow - Too much parody?

TheDayTheEarthStoodStill.jpgNow with some other comments about planetary disaster films to come, here's one with a twist, it's a comedy. Armageddon: The Day Before Tomorrow is pretty much summing itself up already, yes it's going to be one of these films that takes off all the other, more serious, disaster films.

Noah Emmerich is producing, which has a certain sense of irony to it, and Robert Moniot is set to direct from a screenplay he wrote with Travis Oates, according to Variety.

Moniot previously directed a short film called Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon, so you can see there's a theme running here.

I'm not really that excited about the idea, I wouldn't mind if these spoof films took a rest for a while. There's been a constant downward trend since the original Airplane! for me. How do you feel about them? Is there something left in the genre, or is it done to death, even if there is new material being made for them to plunder?



Lame... but at least they didn't call it "Disaster Movie."

I'm convinced that nobody knows how to write or direct or act in spoof movies any more. It's tough, but there hasn't been a good one in years (perhaps the last decent one was Robin Hood: Men in Tights - but that was done by a master, so it's understandable). I guess Kung Pow was pretty funny at points, but the last 1/3 of the movie really sunk.

A few good spoofs: Spaceballs, Airplane!, Young Frankenstein...

If you consider The Princess Bride a spoof (which I don't, but some do), it's the best of the lot.

I don't know. With the din of sites trying to exploit the 2012 event as something real and trying to convince people the earth is facing emminant doom, movies like this and sites that satirize [self promotion removed - Richard] the subject are a welcome change.


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