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Assassinated Russian author's stories for film

AnnaPolitkovskaya.jpgThree books by the Russian author who was assassinated by the former KGB officer who was later so publicly poisoned have been bought by a US film company.

Anna Politkovskaya is the Russian who was assassinated by the former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko, the man who was poisoned in London and before his death accused the Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering the assassination. His story is already being made into two different films by Warner Brothers and Columbia.

According to Variety the books include A Russian Diary which is...

...an account of contemporary Russia under the current government; "Putin's Russia," which details Putin as an individual and his mishandling of the Moscow theater hostage crisis in 2002; and "A Severed Head," an unpublished manuscript about her journey into the violent province of Chechnya.

If these make it into development it could mark some controversial films which might not see Russian distribution, particularly if the Russian President Vladimir Putin was involved somewhere in the assassinations.



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