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Bardem explains violent Coen film

JavierBardem.jpgJavier Bardem has chosen another Hollywood role, this time he's playing a vicious killer for the Coen Brothers new film, No Country For Old Men, despite having problems with in screen violence.

The new film sees Javier Bardem playing a vicious psychopath who kills the people he meets without remorse or a second thought. He has little value for life and decides to kill on a whim. One life he has decided to take is that of the character played by Josh Brolin, and at the same time the Sheriff character of Tommy Lee Jones is trying to put an end to his spree.

So if he doesn't like violence then why did he pick this film? Well apparently it's down to how the violence is portrayed. Here's what he had to say to Sun Media through Jam:

"I have some problems with violence. To play violence is something I haven't played very much in movies...

...I thought the Coens had a lot to say about the very nature of violence...You know, you have to find your own reasons to play something...Once he starts, he never stops and it never has any meaning."

He says that last comment in reference to the violence, and that it just escalates when the violence is countered with more violence.

It sounds like an interesting film, especially with the Coen Brothers behind it, James and Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson and Kelly Macdonald (yeah, well she's Scottish!).

Unfortunately the wait will be a long one with release dates starting November in the US and with France, Australia, UK and Argentina following in February, with Netherlands and Spain waiting until the end of March for releases.



Jeez... this couldn't come soon enough.


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