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Bay vs Willis, Bay responds

MichaelBay.jpgSo Bruce Willis has allegedly been bad mouthing Michael Bay online, and it seems it's a bit more than allegedly too, and a bit more than bad mouthing, he really went off on one and was pretty harsh about the man.

So it's interesting to read Michael Bay's response which is quite surprising and calm in comparison. However cut through the disappointment and find this statement which makes you wonder if Bruce Willis really knows what his agents are up to, or if that really was Willis at AICN:

"I find it also totally odd that my agents at William Morris got the call from Bruce's people to inquire if I would like to helm Die Hard 4, but I was already on Transformers."

From what he says the last time they met they were pretty friendly and talked about working together. It all sounds a little odd from this end, and to be honest it's a bit sad when people you look up to behave like this.

It all started after Willis said some rather negative things about working with Michael Bay over on the AICN talkback section under the name of Walter B.

It's become quite a story, although the comments I've seen from this Walter B aren't that bad and say more about the film he was working on and Bay's style than anything else. Michael Bay has definitely handled this much better over on his site.



It's been hysterical reading some of the comments over there. I usually avoid that site simply because I can't deal with the vulgarity and lack of sentence formation in the comments section but I did read chunks of the discussion and it's been pretty funny. This is only adding fuel to the fire.

Talk about great advertising for Die Hard and a way to ingratiate yourself to fans.


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