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BBC paedophilia documentary to air in Italy

VaticanCity.jpgYesterday I wrote about the controversy in Rome around the BBC documentary Sex Crimes and the Vatican, today it seems a sensible middle ground has been reached and the documentary will be shown.

The previous story talked about how the politicians were bickering over whether the documentary should be banned from being shown. There was Government and Church pressure on the national broadcasting company RAI.

Now the story from Reuters tells us that they're going to show the documentary but it also needs a balanced opinion from the Church.

RAI director general Claudio Cappon bought the documentary and agreed to show it, but he also said that there were going to be strict conditions for the showing of it. That meant that they have to give equal time to the Church and allow them to refute the claims and present their side of the story.

As much as the media want to make this sound like the Church is controlling the state, whoever is involved I think it sounds like the right and fair thing to do. Still, some politicians are not happy and seem to take organised religion too far.

Mario Landolfi is the head of the parliament's oversight committee for RAI and was the leader of the campaign to ban the showing of the documentary, and he didn't hide his zealous hatred of the outcome. He called it...

"...a Pontius Pilate solution"

Ermmm no, actually I think it's something called free speech.



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