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Big names join Frost/Nixon

Nixon-Frost.jpgThe Frost/Nixon film is set to see the two stage actors reprise their roles on screen, and with them they have three big names joining them. Sam Rockwell, Toby Jones and Matthew Macfadyen have signed up to appear in the film.

Frost/Nixon looks at the incredibly powerful and revealing interviews that David Frost conducted with Richard Nixon where he publicly apologised for his behaviour in the Watergate scandal and seemed genuinely beaten by his time in office. It was a moving moment, and worthy of a character performance on stage.

Now the film will recreate that and is to be directed by Ron Howard. Frank Langella and Michael Sheen take the roles of Nixon and Frost respectively. According to Yahoo News, Sam Rockwell will play the part of James Reston Jr., the head researcher who helps Frost prepare for the interviews, Toby Jones will play the legendary Hollywood dealmaker Swifty Lazar who negotiates the deal with Frost on behalf of Nixon, and Matthew Macfadyen will play the part of John Burt, a journalist for a weekly British television show.

The more I hear about this film the more I'm excited about it. It's a defining moment of history, and a very powerful one between two powerful individuals verbally pushing each other back and forth during the interview. This could make for a gripping film, and something slightly different to what we're used to. However you can expect flashbacks with Howard at the helm, so it won't all be studio action.



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