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Bond 22 possible directors?

CasinoRoyale-AstonMartin.jpgThere's a rumour going around about who may be the next Director of the Bond franchise for Bond 22, and it's quite surprising who the four names in the running are, well the four alleged names.

Marc Forster, Tony Scott, Alex Proyas and Jonathan Mostow are the Directors who, according to rumour, have been in front of the Bond producers for consideration in the new Bond film.

The story comes from Latino Review through Rope of Silicon, and I have to say that I'm with Brad on everything he says. Tony Scott is a bit too Hollywood for the Bond franchise, Jonathon Mostow can direct action but not a story and since he was responsible for Terminator 3, I'm not keen to see anything of his.

So that leaves Marc Foster and Alex Proyas. Now Proyas directed a film called Dark City, which I have a huge love for and think is an underrated classic. He's also shown he can be slick and Hollywood with I, Robot, and count in The Crow and you can see he could be an excellent choice.

However the rumour has Marc Foster as the leading candidate, something I find very hard to believe if he really is up against Proyas. If these are the names involved, I'm for Proyas, he would continue the darker feel to Bond, much more than the other directors.

Foster has an interesting notch on his CV though, Monster's Ball. Putting aside Finding Neverland and Stranger Than Fiction, Ball could be viewed as an interesting reference for a Bond 22. Who would you bank on?



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