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Boreanaz as Sub-Mariner?

SubMariner.jpgAccording to one of those scoopers, David Boreanaz may well be up for the role of Sub-Mariner in the upcoming film of the comic book character.

Jonathan Mostow is directing, and also rewrote the script, which tells the tale of the ancient, water loving character.

The story comes from Superhero Hype through Joss Whedon's site.

David Boreanaz is currently starring in the Bones TV series, and was best known for being Angel, Buffy's love interest. However it's on the set of Bones where a friend of the scooper heard him saying he's up for the film. So heavy rumour at the moment, but an interesting one. Boreanaz certainly looks the part, the question is are there any other actors out there who would be better?

It's interesting that Boreanaz is also voicing the Green Lantern in Justice League: The New Frontier. Another superhero turn for him?



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