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Branagh joins Singer's Valkyrie

KennethBranagh.jpgKenneth Branagh is joining Tom Cruise, although not in a Mission Impossible film, but in the Bryan Singer film Valkyrie.

Branagh, one of my favourite directors and the best Shakespearean writer/director/actor out there, is set to play a German General who mentors the character played by Cruise, and together they work on the plan to assassinate Hitler. The announcement comes from Variety.

With Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander scripting, Tom Cruise and Kenneth Branagh on board, and Bryan Singer directing this true story, I think we're in for an extremely strong film, if not a landmark one for many of these careers.

I suspect we're going to hear more and more great casting for Valkyrie as the weeks go on, there's talk of Stephen Fry, Tom Wilkinson and Bill Nighy in negotiations.

Still, I hope for three things as far as Branagh is concerned. More Shakespeare, more directing, and a release of Hamlet on DVD.



Richard: Hamlet dvd has a release date!
It will be released on 14th of august.
chet it out here

Thank the lord, but US only.

The release is international! In Spain is due in August.

Valkyrie is such an interesting project. Singer, Cruise, Branagh and Hitler together...

Peter do you mean the Hamlet DVD is on for a worldwide release? I only saw it on Amazon.com, co.uk didn't have it.

Martes 28 Agosto

El Buen Alemán Warner

Hamlet (Edición Especial) Warner

This is taken from Zona DVD, a spanish page. If they are gonna release it Spain, sure it´s international.

Thanks Peter, I'm going to try and track it down.

Great news indeed on the Cruise-Branagh casting and Singer directing!


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