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Bruce Campbell's new Old Spice advert

BruceCampbell.jpgOkay, this isn't really directly film related, but seeing Bruce Campbell doing a nice little character piece for the new Old Spice is superb. Oh, and it's incredibly funny, and he sings.

Not only does he sing but he's doing a cool swing version of...no I'll let you hear it and warm to it yourself. I think I can hear an album deal calling, can't you? The new advert, his second for the campaign, is right here after the article.

It has to be said that Old Spice has definitely invested in its ad campaign well. It's working a treat, right up there with the Lynx adverts, and to select Bruce Campbell for the lead is just genius.

I think this actually beats the previous advert he did. Now, who's going to start the "We Want a Bruce Campbell Album" petition?

The video comes from Bruce Campbell News Central through Famous Mark Verheidens Of Filmland.



I honestly switched to Old Spice after the first ad. I am now a loyal user.... seriously.

OMG. That is the greatest thing. EVER.

Brilliant! Love that deep voice too.

We really ought to have a Bruce Campbell Appreciation Society or something.

Hey, I just posted this today too!

Amazing commercials. I also use Old Spice now, whereas I never did before. True story.

Man, I can't wait for more movies of his.

Great minds think alike Jonathan. That or we both look at the same news sources!

Drew, you're kidding? You've really converted? I have to ask if you now have a Grand Piano in your front room and you've started crooning to the ladies?

Well Richard, have you switched to Old Spice, or now planning to? ;)

Me? Nope...I'm Sure and Men 212.


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