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Butler says Watchment in doubt

Butler300.jpgGerard Butler seems to have one of the best problems in Hollywood on his hands, he's too busy, and that means he might be too busy for Zack Snyder's Watchmen. While speaking about his role in The Untouchables: Capone Rising, he talks about his possibile involvement.

"We've been talking about [Watchmen] for a while, but [Zach's] never told me a character and to be honest, now I'm looking a little bit picked up," he sighed, adding with a hint of finality. "I don't know if Watchmen is going to be happening."

That's how MTV Movies Blog describe his comments on the film, and that might be a sad day for him and the production as Watchmen would really have been the pinnacle of his comic fantasy performances. I think after that he could have moved on to a new genre and never needed to look back. Still, it does depend what role was being offered to him, perhaps the Comedian?

Meanwhile he talks about a role he is secured for, another great role in a big film, The Untouchables: Capone Rising for Brian De Palma. Let's not talk about the lead, instead let's talk the obvious Scottish comparisons.

"It’s great, the script is phenomenal...Being Scottish and being tall, I’m gonna come across a little bit like Sean Connery…and people will make those comparisons...But I’m going to do my own thing...

You know what? I think this character [has even] more [great lines] in him [than before], because this was a point where he was more a wheeler and dealer...He has to deal with things coming for him, he has to deal with his own morality. In this story there’s so much going on with this guy that you really see a lot of different sides to his character."

Well I think the comparisons are fair, I mean he is playing the same character but a younger version, so whoever the actors and their nationalities, or even heights, you would be compared. However this is great casting, and Gerard Butler could really play this role superbly. He could keep the character on an identical track to the later one, and yet with him being younger and seeking himself he's got much more range to be more human and less, well, right all the time.

It's a great role for him, and I think he has a great chance to outshine the lead, Nicolas Cage. I just wish he was going to make it into Watchmen...I think the offer will still be there, and I think it may well be the Comedian.



I hope that you are right about Watchmen. I wonder if Zach talked to him about the Comedian and he just didn't want to do another character who dies? :)


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