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Cage off Untouchables: Capone Rising?

NicolasCage.jpgThere's more horrific news this morning regarding Nicolas Cage, this time that he might not be able to appear in Brian De Palma's The Untouchables: Capone Rising.

I can hear the shock through the screen. Yes, Brian De Palma might have to find someone else to play the lead of Al Capone, perhaps someone up to Robert De Niro's stature.

Variety tells us that Nicolas Cage has been in negotiations so far and hasn't yet signed on the dotted line for the role, and now it appears that scheduling conflicts might just prevent him from signing. In fact they report that talks have ended because of these conflicts.

So if Brian De Palma goes ahead with the film now, he'll be doing it without Cage. So what other actor can you see replacing him and taking up the younger Capone in the prequel story The Untouchables: Capone Rising, and is it such a big loss to you?



I don't think it's a big loss at all. In fact, after I heard about this project, I was excited about Gerard Butler as the young Malone, but bummed about Cage being young Capone. As you say, they can do better.

I'd say Paul Giamatti would be great. If they want a more bankable leading man type, Joaquin Phoenix.


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