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Carnahan talks Smokin’ Aces DVD prequel

SmokinAces.jpgJoe Carnahan has been talking about the prequel for Smokin' Aces and it seems that he and the "Nigerians", as he calls the filmmakers who are going to be taking on board the film, have come up with a story for the film, a politically topical story, and with the Tremor Brothers to boot.

On his blog he talks about the proposed film and explains a few things about the idea of going straight to DVD.

"I think the only reason to ever do something that goes straight to DVD (which has this malodorous vibe for some reason) is that it gives you the ability to really push it. And I don't mean pushing the obvious sex/violence tandem but pushing CONTENT and doing things from a straight storytelling angle that they (the studio) would never allow in a 'mainstream' theatrical release."

It's quite an interesting thought, why is there such a negative view of a straight to DVD release? Is it just because of what has come before, the string of really poor films released directly on DVD? Do you have an immediate adverse reaction to hearing something is coming out direct to DVD?



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