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Chow Yun-Fat returns to Woo's Battle of Red Cliff?

ChowYun-Fat.jpgI'm confused now, probably as confused as John Woo. However there's a report online that says Chow Yun-Fat is to return to John Woo's epic film The Battle of Red Cliff just a month after leaving the production.

The reasons why he pulled out of the film originally are mixed, as they would be when two parties are involved. He claims he got the script too late to learn the role, whereas the production say that he was making unreasonable demands on the production, although they've never denied that he did get the script too late.

Whatever the original reasons, it seems that he wants to return. Interestingly as soon as Yun-Fat was announced as having left, Tony Leung was onboard, although there was no official word if he was taking the part vacated by Yun-Fat.

The latest news from The Hindu says that Wen Wengli of the state-run China Film Group said that Yun-Fat had verbally agreed to return to the film for a role to be determined.

That's interesting, and does suggest that Leung took his place, and although there's no contract signed as yet the spokesperson seems very positive.

"This big production has more than 400 characters,'' he said, adding, however, the major casting decisions won't be changed.

So Chow Yun-Fat might be returning to the film and taking up a role different to the one he previously accepted, watching Tony Leung play that role instead. Still, with four hundred characters they can't all be major leads can they?

Will John Woo take him back on board? Is the offer even a legitimate one? We'll have to wait and see for some official word. I'd be surprised if Yun-Fat is wanting to return to a film he's already said he had no time to prepare for, now with another month gone from the production and preparation time, and especially with his previous major role gone to another actor.



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