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Clancy's Without Remorse and Rainbow Six back on?

TomClancy.jpgThe screen adaptation of Tom Clancy's Without Remorse was put in turnaround some time ago and the director of the time, John Singleton, was lost. Now though the news is that it is back on and that it is heading in the right direction.

According to announcements today Without Remorse has been picked up at Relativity and they've pulled in the very strong talent of Stuart Beattie to adapt the Tom Clancy novel. That means that at the script stage at least, we're going to get one hell of a film.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Moviehole.

Without Remorse doesn't follow the Jack Ryan character but actually looks to John T. Kelly, a Navy Seal whose girlfriend is brutally murdered by drug dealers. He heads in and dispenses his own form of justice, trying to avoid the detective pursuing him as well as the attempts to kill him by the drug dealers henchmen. Meanwhile he is recruited by Admiral James Greer to participate in a rescue mission into North Vietnam.

John T. Kelly later becomes more known as John Clark, the man who leads Rainbow Six. Interestingly Clint over at Moviehole also reports that Rainbow Six has been bought up in this deal. That's interesting as that was previously slated to be directed by John Woo and had been sitting idle for some time too.



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