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Clips for Argento, Madsen, Dafoe, Hoskins in Boarding Gate and Go-Go Tales

WillemDafoe.jpgThere are a couple of clips for two films I hadn't heard of until today, films that have a few good names attached to them too.

The first is Boarding Gate starring Asia Argento and Michael Madsen which tells the story of an Italian woman living in London that has two lovers. One is a contract killer, and the other is his next target, surprisingly Michael Madsen plays the target rather than the killer.

According to the write up on IMDB Michelle Yeoh and Tony Leung were up for the roles of the killer and his wife, but neither are listed in the cast list. I don't know if that means they are in or out, but it is certainly promising.

There are two clips online in FLV format, that's a flash format and if you want to see it then there's a perfectly good free player to download at flvsoft. You can see them here [5.5Mb] and here [6mb] thanks to Oldfart (is that my Dad?) over at Movie-List Forums.

The second film is Go Go Tales from Writer and Director Abel Ferrara and stars Willem Dafoe, Bob Hoskins, Matthew Modine and Asia Argento again.

The story is an unusual comedy that looks into a go-go club where there's a power struggle between the owner, played by a singing Dafoe, the accountant, played by Hoskins, and the silent partner played by Modine.

For Argento fans this film is probably going to be a blessing. Again thanks to Oldfart at Movie-List Forums who comes out with these [7mb] three [7.2Mb] clips [8mb] for the film, and again in FLV format.



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Откуда эти строки? не знаете?


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