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Clooney co-writing Escape from Tehran CIA comedy

GeorgeClooney.jpgGeorge Clooney hasn't lost his sense of humour since he's started tackling political work, in fact it seems he's managing to combine the two very well in his latest project.

Escape From Tehran is a film that he is co-writing with his production company partner Grant Heslov. It's a drama/comedy (I refuse to add the two words together) which details how the CIA gathered help from Hollywood to create a fake movie project which was used to smuggle Americans out of Tehran during the 1979 hostage crisis.

It's a strange topic to have some comedy made of it, but in these days perhaps it's just perfect timing, and it balances off the serious politics of George Clooney's other films.

The story from Variety has more details about the tale which came from a Wired magazine article written by Joshuah Berman which was based on real life events:

...CIA operative Tony Mendez, a master of disguise who was put in charge of rescuing six Americans hiding out in Tehran. He came up with the idea of using a bogus movie and contacted Hollywood makeup artist John Chambers.

Chambers and Bob Sidell, also a makeup artist, launched Studio Six Prods...and announced their first movie project, to be shot in Iran. Both Variety and the Hollywood Reporter were duped into writing news stories on the film after Studio Six took out trade ads.

Mendez went to Tehran in January 1980 and told the Americans to pretend they were Canadians on a scouting trip for a big-budget Hollywood epic. The ruse worked.

Sounds like a really unusual story, but true and it's being made into a comedy? Well this could have something going for it, and it's original. I honestly can't help but admire Clooney these days, and to think there was a time when I hated seeing him on screen.



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