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HD Update: Clooney's Michael Clayton trailer online

GeorgeClooney.jpgThe trailer for George Clooney's latest film, Michael Clayton, is online and it does look powerful indeed. It looks as intriguing as Syriana and way more tense.

The film tells the story of Michael Clayton who is a fixer for a large corporate law firm. His whole life is the firm, and he carries out the dirty work that the corporate cases often require. In his latest task the firm are heading towards a huge successful win when the best attorney they have sabotages the case. Clayton is pulled in to fix the problems as the case spirals out of control and threatens the firm, and the individuals involved.

George Clooney plays Clayton in what looks like an extremely powerful role, and he's backed by Tom Wilkinson, Tilda Swinton and Sydney Pollack, all looking as though they are pouring out their acting hearts here, and it's working.

It looks like a really good thriller from this trailer, and is written and directed by Tony Gilroy who wrote the Bourne series as well as a number of other strong scripts. It's his first directing outing, but it does look very good.

Enough of me praising it, take a look at the trailer from Pathe [Flash] which plays immediately from the link, through dtheatre.

Update: 20/06/2007
The trailer has arrived on Yahoo Movies in HD. [QT:480p:720p:1080p]



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