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Cohen publicist denies Freddie Mercury

SashaBaronCohen.jpgJust a few days ago we heard from The Daily Mirror that Sacha Baron Cohen was interested in playing Freddie Mercury in a film about the life of the lead singer of Queen. Now we're hearing that the story just isn't true at all.

Oh, and please note that it's the Daily Mirror, a newspaper, not an Internet site.

According to the publicist for Sacha Baron Cohen , the story is absolutely untrue:

"Pure hokum"

Was actually the comment they made to MTV News through VH1. Here's a quote from the previous story:

According to The Mirror newspaper through Digital Spy, one of those pesky insiders has told them that Sacha Baron Cohen is the forerunner for the role and that Cohen loves the idea of the role, especially since his character of Borat looked so similar anyway.

So that looks like we're back to the rumour that Johnny Depp is lining up to play the role. To be honest I think Cohen is the closer fit, except he's just too tall for the role. Depp doesn't really fit for me at all and I can't see him as Mercury.

As I said in both cases though, huge rumours, so let's join in and suggest alternatives to play Freddie Mercury.



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