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Costner returns to Westerns

KevinCostner.jpgKevin Costner is sticking to the cowboy aspect of his career as he reveals that he has another cowboy film written and ready to go, although he's very coy about the rest of the details.

Kevin Costner has done a few cowboy films in his time, Dances with Wolves being perhaps his most famous, but then theres Open Range and the superb Wyatt Earp. Well he's not stopping there.

Although he doesn't say what the script is, he does say it's complete. From WENN through Starpulse News Blog:

"It's just a good cowboy movie, about friendship and there's a code. It's written. But people aren't dying to make them so I'll just have to figure out how to make it. I'll have to mortgage something else!"

He's got a bit of an uphill struggle then. I doubt he will have a problem raising the funds though, he's been very successful in this area before, he's just not got to make a post apocalyptic story and he'll be okay.

I'm a fan of his westerns, particuarly Wyatt Earp, but it does seem as though he has a particular passion and ability for this genre. Would you want to see more westerns from him, or are you pretty jaded with his whole career?



I know that both Costner and Westerns are not exactly hot these days, but I just saw Open Range the other day and it was a great movie. A big story on a small scale with a very modern take on violence and it's consequences and yet every inch the "classic" western.
I loved it and would definately like to see Costner do another western as it seems to be a genre he has a genuine feel for.

I think you meant to say the disappointing Wyatt Earp and the superb Open Range, didn't you? ;-)

I had forgotten just how good Open Range was until it showed up on TV here a few weeks ago. If Costner can bring something of that quality, I'll buy my ticket now. It also wouldn't hurt to bring Duvall along again.

Kevin Costner is fantastic. I hate the anti-Costner bandwagon. He's in so many GREAT films and he's got an Oscar for best picture. Sure he's got a couple clunkers, but what actor doesn't? And yes, his westerns are all wonderfully well done, so as long as he's around, I'd love to see him do more since westerns are so rare these days (unfortunately).

Costner good films:
American Flyers
Bull Durham
Field of Dreams
Dances with Wolves
A Perfect World
Wyatt Earp
For Love of the Game
13 Days
Open Range
Mr Brooks (maybe)?

and maybe they're not technically great, but I love him in 3000 Miles to Graceland and Robin Hood.

end of rant.

Happy Birthday Star Wars!

Cracking list Andrew. I'd also say don't forget No Way Out, that's one of my favourite Costner films too.

Am I alone in thinking Revenge was one of his best movies?

You're not alone Hap - I also loved that movie.

Richard, it was the film No Way Out that introduced me to Costner.


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