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Costner stars in Swing Vote

KevinCostner.jpgKevin Costner's next film career revival is an independent film called Swing Vote which will follow a single father who holds the deciding vote in the Presidential Election for the entire country. He becomes the center of media attention.

This is the first film coming from Kevin Costner's new joint venture production company, and it looks set to herald a bunch of smaller films. Of the company Costner has some very positive words to say.

"Treehouse will give me (the) opportunity to shepherd projects from the ground up, with the goal of aligning partners of a like mind"

He goes onto say, through the article in Variety, that Swing Vote is the kind of project that fits right in with Treehouse Films.

Joshua Michael Stern is directing the film from a script he wrote alongside Jason Richman.

It sounds like a good move for Costner, regardless of the production side, he's returning to smaller more character driven films, although that said this film doesn't sound that intriguing.



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