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Damon is done with Bourne

MattDamon.jpgMatt Damon has spoken out at Cannes about his Bourne franchise and where he stands on it, and unsurprisingly he says he's done. The third is his last.

"I'm definitely done with that. I think we've ridden that horse as far as we can…The character lives on in the books and if someone else wanted to play it, I guess they could."

It's not really that much of a surprise is it? Matt Damon has always been much more of an actor than an action star and although he does like to have fun in roles, there's only so far a guy like this could go in a money spinning Hollywood franchise like this.

The story over at Hollywood.com suggests that he wants someone else to take the role up and go with it, but really I'm not so sure. This sounds like he's not that bothered. Once he's moved on it's not his role anymore.

I think it's the best thing. Bourne is done, despite the novels continuing. The story has built well and is concluding nicely, why would he want to go on? Would you want to see a fourth?



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