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Dawson's date rape revenge trailer online

DescentPoster.jpgThe trailer for Rosario Dawson's most controversial film to date, Descent, is now online, and if you put aside the terrible voiceover, which it really doesn't need, it looks very strong and particularly striking.

The trailer is right here for you to see, and rather than me tell you the shocking story you should see it for yourself. This is the ultimate revenge, and yet despite that word the trailer gives the impression that it has a lot of empathy and emotion rather than being a straight up revenge film. It looks as uncompromising as the subject matter itself.

You can read all about the plot over on the official site, as well as seeing the trailer, some photos of the film and some links for help and understanding of date rape.

It does look like this could be a career defining moment for Rosario Dawson, it looks a tough role that will pull her, and us, through the emotional wringer, and really show us what she has as an actress.

Here's the trailer for Descent, but be aware that I think it maybe gives away too much of the film, and perhaps what could be some final reveal moments.

The trailer is from YouTube through Rope of Silicon.



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