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Director found for Fame remake

Fame.jpgI wasn't sure what to make of the story that Fame was being remade, and now we hear that a Director has been appointed.

Fame is the classic musical directed by Alan Parker filled with great characters, strong songs, and good drama, which went on to spark a long running and well loved series, as well as a bunch of albums, but didn't launch many careers of the stars involved.

The remake is rumoured to have Alan Fickman attached to Direct.

Now just to clarify a few points, Alan Parker directed the original, a man who has brought so much to cinema and so many great films with a mere eighteen to his career.

Midnight Express, Birdy, Angel Heart, Mississippi Burning, Evita, Angela's Ashes and The Life of David Gale, powerful dramas, some dark, and all enjoyable with wonderful filming and direction. Then there's the lighter and more musical side of his career, Fame, The Commitments and undoubtedly the best musical film he's made, Bugsy Malone.

That's the one that is so much fun to watch, filled with child actors. A kids film that really manages to be an adult film too. I love the way he manages to make it fit firmly in so many genres without feeling like it needs to pidgeon holed in any one.

Now, according to FilmJerk through Coming Soon, Alan Fickman doesn't have so many films to his name, but he has done a musical, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical. There's also She's the Man to his name, and two upcoming light romantic comedy type films. The Game Plan starring The Rock and Kyra Sedgewick and She Had Brains, a Body, and the Ability to Make Men Love Her with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Okay so I'm not making direct comparisons because one has his style, the other has his, and there's a slate of films that separate them. Yet I can't help but feel that this film is destined for lesser things. There's a tight budget and quite a new Director that just doesn't pack the power that Parker does.

Expect light, romantic, soap type stuff filled with old and new songs. This is Fame with a small "f".



Nothing could exemplify the complete and utter cretinism, blindness, and spiritual bankruptcy of contemporary Hollywood,than it's pathetic obsession with continually trying to reproduce the success of this motion picture, made 27 years ago.It's sole credibility, cultural importance, and sociopolitical value rested on the theme of it's main character's coming to terms with the horrible cost of coveting public celebrity as a substitution for emotional well-being and personal self-worth, not as a kitsch-filled nostalgia trip of leg warmer fashions, superficial pop music, and propaganda tract for all that it originally sought to hold up to the audience as utterly worthless.


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