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DOA: Dead or Alive new trailer

DOA.jpgThere's a new trailer out for DOA: Dead or Alive, this one is the Americas trailer, or domestic if you will, and I'm surprsed by how much of a higher standard this makes the film look. I can't help but think if they had used this trailer instead of the international one we saw, perhaps this film would have performed better.

...especially as we see Jamie Pressly and Holly Valance in bed together! The other action on screen looks pretty cool, and the characters are fleshed out a little more, oh...and they speak. If only they did this for the rest of the world release. Sometimes you have to wonder what these marketing people are up to.

You can see the trailer over at IGN [QT] through Cinema Blend who also have the new poster design where poor Holly Valance is nowhere to be seen.

Really, I am being serious here and ladies in bed aside, I would see the film on the strength of this trailer now. Shame it's over there in the US. Oh, and that's where I've seen Shark's lawyer from.



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