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DOA ladies on film

DOA.jpgThere are some pretty indepth interviews with the ladies of DOA: Dead or Alive online, that's Jamie Pressly, Sarah Carter, Holly Valance, Natassia Malthe and Devon Aoki.

As well as the five clips there's also three behind the scenes clips to go with it as well, behinds the scnes clips that show some serious martial arts action, and some serious sexy fit lady action.

You can see all the clips over at IESB, and there's some interesting stuff to be had. These clips are way better than some of the behind the scenes and cast interviews that we see for bigger films.

You know despite the image of this film, I'm still keen to see it, I think it might be a lot of entertaining fun. Surely it can't be as bad as they say?



Um... wow. I couldn't even sit through the entire trailer that they had over at AICN and your interest is piqued to see the entire MOVIE?



Yeah, why not. It looks like it's going to have three elements that can be key to a good evening's entertainment:

1. Fun
2. Cool effects
3. Fighting
4. Good looking women on screen

What's wrong with that? As long as you don't go in expecting to be challenged that's fine.

Perhaps you should have given the trailers and teasers a bit more of a shot.


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