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Douglas to return to Wall Street sequel

GordonGekko.jpgIt looks like we might just be seeing a sequel to Wall Street in the near future as the character of Gordon Gekko that Michael Douglas did so well begins to get written in Money Never Sleeps.

The original Producer Edward R. Pressman has confirmed that the sequel is happening and there's a writer on board already, Stephen Schiff is the man who is expected to complete a script this year for the Wall Street sequel.

We can expect the Gekko character to be much the same, but there's no return of the character of Bud Fox played by Charlie Sheen.

"I don’t think he’s much different...He’s just had more time to think about what to do."

Is what Michael Douglas said to The New York Times as he confirmed he's involved.

Pressman confirmed that 20th Century Fox has made the deal for the sequel, so they just have to see how the script turns out. Although we don't hear too much about the story which was carried through IGN, we do know that Gekko is going to come out and continue where he left off.

Greed, it seems, is good after all, and most of the high fliers can attest to that. Greed, arrogance, bullying, and generally not caring for another human being. Yes, we've all come across a Gekko character in life.

Is it too late for another Wall Street with an ageing Douglas, or is it perfect to see him return after all these years? I think it might just be the latter.



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