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Edinburgh filmmakers to hit America

EdinburghBridges.jpgEwan and Al Meldrum are brothers from Edinburgh who are being pulled to American television on the strength of one YouTube film.

Their lives have been turned around since they released their latest time lapse film on YouTube. Koya Moments is a film that looks at the Edinburgh skyline set to the beautiful music of Philip Glass' Violin Concerto. It has some stunning images both of Edinburgh and of the beauty of the sky above.

I've included the six minute film at the end of the article for you, and I really do encourage you to find the time to sit down and enjoy the images, some of them are truly stunning, I particularly love the night images.

They had been doing this as a hobby, but since Koya Moments arrived on the scene they have been hit with work offer after work offer, and they've taken a few up.

According to The Scotsman they've made another film of Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Heritage Trust, are planning to produce some films for Scottish Tourism, have committed to make a film for a the stage backdrop of Scottish ceilidh band Island Tapes who tour America regularly, and are taking up a unique offer from New York based channel A Matter of Substance to have their films shown in America.

What's all the fuss about? Well just have a look at the film right here and see for yourself. You'll see why I love Scotland and particularly Edinburgh so much, and why the Meldrum brothers are being pulled towards their hobby of filmmaking.




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