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Elijah Wood to play Iggy Pop

ElijahWood.jpgElijah Wood is the next actor in a a growing list taking up the role of a legendary leader of music, but perhaps Wood is the strangest match we've heard of so far. Who would you think he would be playing, Iggy Pop?

Yeah, that's what I thought when I first read it, Iggy Pop is nothing like him...but it seems that he is to play the very man in a film of his life called The Passenger. Perhaps one of the explanations is that this film is looking at his early years with his band the Stooges.

Variety says that the film will be directed by Nick Gomez and is due for a 2008 release. They also say that Iggy Pop has given his blessing to the film but will not be taking part, which is a real shame. There's no word as to what he thinks of Elijah Wood playing him.

I think of all the different musical legend projects we've been hearing of late this is perhaps the strangest match and yet the most intriguing. Don't you think?

Is there any big name singer that you would want to see on film, and who could play them? I'd love to see a film of Prince, but is there a single actor who could play that part?



You know, I can see that this is good casting in the looks department but I just can't wrap my head around Frodo, I mean Wood, as Iggy Pop.

I guess you have to start losing the LotR skin at some point.

Have you seen Green Street (review on Filmstalker)?

That totally severed any thought of him being a Hobbit.

This is a bit of strange casting, but with hair and make up Elijah could look more like Iggy. I wonder if he'll get rail thing to play the role?

At least we know he can act and I think will do the role justice. I'm especially to see how they protray Iggy in the movie.


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