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Eva Herzigova to direct her own story?

EvaHerzigova.jpgEva Herzigova is probably most known as the Wonderbra model, however she's much more than that and she's about to prove it. Apparently she's going to be directing a semi-autobiographical film which follows the life of a beautiful model.

Sounds quite dull initially, but there will be difficult and painful moments through her journey, and if you know anything about the behind the scenes of the supermodel world then you'll know it's filled with pressure, back stabbing, and constant media pressure.

I don't think we'll be seeing something incredibly powerful and moving, but it might be an interesting insight into a life that we would otherwise think was wonderfully glamorous and exciting, and it might give the ex-supermodel a new career.

The article by WENN through Starpulse News Blog says that she doesn't think she'll star in it though, despite having been into acting in her career.

What I'm interested in is if you have preconceptions immediately about this because she's a supermodel, are you instantly thinking it will be dreadful and vacuous, or are you willing to give it a shot?



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