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Filmstalker and Excite UK

ExciteBlogFireLogo-Small.jpgYou'll be seeing a slightly different look to the pages of Filmstalker as I try something a little different.

Excite UK contacted me a little while ago and discussed the possibility of gathering some of the best British entertainment Blogs together and promoting them through their site in a new offering called BlogFire.

Naturally I was interested, and so we worked it all out and now you'll see the banner on top of all the pages through Filmstalker.

There will no doubt be a few questions so feel free to drop them into the comments and I'll answer them there.

There's nothing more in this deal than cross promotion and visitors. Excite UK have no say on anything that happens on the site, so it remains as always. The most important thing is how you, the reader, feels about it all, and if it's not working for you let me know.

The other sites involved are all shown in the bar at the top of the pages, here's a nice little write up of each.

Coolest Gadgets
Dedicated to reporting on the latest products and tech news in the world of consumer electronics and gadgets. Our slogan is the "Ongoing search for the coolest gadget" and we've found plenty of cool gadgets on our journey, though deciding which is the coolest is another matter.

Unreality TV
The biggest reality TV blog in the UK and Ireland with news and discussion for fans of shows like Big Brother, X Factor and I'm a Celebrity. We have our finger on the pulse of the latest reality TV news and gossip and close relationships with the production teams means insider information and interviews.

Talent in a Previous Life
Is either a hilarious look at the goings on the world of pop music or the jealous ramblings of someone bitterly lashing at those more successful and popular than the author. It's a point of view thing, really. Either way it's a unique hotchpotch of music criticism, opinion, satire and some really bad puns. Mainly the latter, really, if we're honest.

Packed with film news, feature articles and reviews, Filmstalker is Richard's passion. With a community of avid film fans the blog encourages users to engage in discussion around hot topics. Reviews are informative and in-depth, and never knowingly contain spoilers or plot revelations unless clearly marked with warnings! Filmstalker has been shortlisted for a Brit Blog Award 2007.

A lighthearted look at what's new on the net, who's saying what and where to find the latest and greatest from the gurus shaping the web.

The Football Blog
Football is a funny old game, a game of two halves. The Football Blog was launched to bring you the latest in International Football News, reporting on as much football action as physically possible! For our friends in other parts of the world this is a soccer blog rather than an American Football blog. Featuring round balls only

They will all be featured on the Excite Blogfire, WebTwitcher and MIX pages. WebTwitcher is the official Excite UK blog and MIX is a personalised homepage system for Excite users.

Let me know what you think of it all, and ask any questions you like.



That explains it then.

Reviews are informative and in-depth, and never knowingly contain spoilers or plot revelations unless clearly marked with warnings!

Yeah nice way of putting it - still don't know how you can do that! :)

He's a wizard don't you know?? ;-)


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