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Final Theo van Gogh film by Turturro

JohnTurturro.jpgPreviously it was reported that the third in the Theo Van Gogh trilogy to be remade was to be helmed by Bob Balaban, but now John Turturro is set to direct the final in the trilogy of the murdered Dutch filmmaker.

The first film, Interview, was directed by Steve Buscemi and starred Sienna Miller in the story of a washed up reported who is assigned to interview a tabloid star, during the evening they open up to each other and get to know what's beneath the surface.

The second film, Blind Date, is being directed by Stanley Tucci who is also starring alongside Patricia Clarkson and Tony Shalhoub. It tells the story of a couple who have lost their child and are trying to rebuild their relationship by pretending to go on blind dates.

This final film tells the story of a couple who meet through a sex chat line, hence the 1-900 of the title, or in the original Dutch film's case, 06. The story comes from Variety.

It's a fitting testament to the filmmaker Theo van Gogh, although it would be interesting to see his more controversial films released.



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