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Fire Bay shows failed Bay of Pigs invasion

RobertForster.jpgFire Bay sounds another interesting new film project as it will focus on the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. This is where the US planned and funded the attempted invasion of Cuba by groups of exiles in an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro and his Government.

The invasion was a disaster after the US failed to provide the necessary support to the invading forces with air cover and troops, and they were left alone to be defeated. Sixty eight of the invading force were killed and over a thousand were captured. You can read more about the actual events over at Wikipedia.

The film will look at the events through three different viewpoints, that of the heads of the CIA, the Cuban Exile Brigade who fought the overwhelming forces of Castro, and those in the White House at the time, President Kennedy and his staff.

According to Variety the script for Fire Bay is written by Randall Fried who will also direct, and Robert Forster is set to star as General Dawkins, the supreme military commander of the entire operation, the Mexican actor Kuno Becker is also set to star.

This really is a very important event in time that hasn't had enough coverage. Although we've seen some of the positive moments of President Kennedy's career, it might be interesting to hear about this story, and also to bring the real events of this failed US backed invasion to the fore.



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