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Flyboys trailer online in multiple formats

FlyBoys.jpgI haven't heard much from Flyboys for a while, and now seeing the trailer I'm rather taken with it.

Sure the film looks a little twee and perhaps over glamorises the idea of being a fighter pilot in World War I, or any war for that matter, but it does look like one strong adventure.

The film tells the story of a group of young Americans who volunteered for the French airforce during World War I before the U.S. entered the war. It leads with James Franco, and although it looks like it will take huge liberties with history and once again ignore what really happened, it does look set to be a great adventure.

I tell you what though, I hope they rewrite history as manically as they did with Pearl Harbour and spin history in favour of America again.

You can see the trailer for Flyboys below in various formats, and you can make your own mind up. I think it looks really good action and effects wise, but I am concerned about that whole history changing aspect.

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I urge you to skip this one Richard. It's not very good. At all. I will say that the first dogfight is really cool but the rest are pretty much just a rip off of the first, a real waste of potentially great premise.

Oh dear Marina, sounds bad. What's the problem with it? Acting, story?

...Человека страшит одиночество. А из всех видов одиночества страшнее всего одиночество душевное. Отшельники древности жили в общении с богом, они пребывали в самом населенном мире, в мире духовном... Первая потребность человека, будь то прокаженный или каторжник, отверженный или недужный,— обрести товарища по судьбе. Жаждая утолить это чувство, человек расточает все свои силы, все свое могущество, весь пыл своей души. Не будь этого всепожирающего желания, неужто сатана нашел бы себе сообщников?..»


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