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Fourth Spider-Man Raimi yes, spoiler revealed

Spiderman3.jpgSpider-Man 4, is there or isn't there? Well I've always thought it will, but it does depend on the cast, I think the fans won't take a replacement as easily as you would with Batman, but it might work.

Well at the Hollywood premiere of Spider-Man 3 the cast talked about it. Sam Raimi says there will be a fourth film, and that it's all about getting the script.

According to Fox411 through Hollywood Insider the feeling among the Columbia Pictures insiders and those behind the film is that this series will continue with or without the current cast. Something I find surprising.

Am I wrong? Could the series easily continue with a new cast? Would you accept that more than the Batman films?

Interestingly the scriptwriter Alvin Sargent has said that's enough for him. He's definitely not onboard for the next film and he says it's someone elses turn.

Now, there's an interesting piece of information coming up which could well be a spoiler if you've seen the trailers as this will make you add up the numbers and come out with a conclusion that could be dramatic spoiler...so, don't read on if you don't want to.

Now, although the cast member isn't named, it appears that one of them talked to the Fox411 reporter and said that although his character appears to die on screen in the film...

"It turns out I may not be completely dead."

Aha, I can guess who that is and where this is going. Let's see everyone return for a fourth, I think the consensus among all is much more positive than at the end of shooting. We're on for a fourth film and so far it's only a replacement writer.



I gotta step in on this one. We also interviewed sam raimi. FOX is really reading between the lines to get to this answer.

I wouldn't think it'd be horrible if they changed the characters up a bit.

I mean it'd just be like Spiderman regenerated and is a new doctor.

Ya know what I'm sayin?

I'd love to see the core cast and Raimi go. Kirsten and Tobey are painful to watch and Raimi is too impressed with his own ideas to do the character justice. It boggles my mind that this franchise is so successful, but I try to give the film-going public the benefit of the doubt and assume the CGI and villains are the real draw. Topher, on the other hand, I hope returns. Everything he touches is better off for it, I've never seen a bad performance out of him and unlike Tobey he can actually emote. I'm, glad he's Venom, but IMO he would also have been a better choice as Spidey from the start. Bring on a new cast, I say!

I'm in agreement with Krimson..

Tobey fits the part okay, and this is tolerable considering the part of Peter doesn't really stretch out too much, Kirsten Dunst is the one I really hope disappears, she can act, but above that she can irritate.

Topher is the one that's keeping me interested to even watch 3, oddly it has been the villains that stand out & not spider-man. Always a bad sign if you ask me.

Now Batman Begins on the other hand belonged to Batman. Let's see what The Dark Knight does ..


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