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Fox confirms she's in Transformers 2

Transformers.jpgMichael Bay has already been discussing a sequel to Transformers and that the script is already in development. Now it seems that there was never really any doubt as Megan Fox reveals she's signed for the sequel.

Now this usually isn't anything too surprising as if there's even the slightest chance at a sequel and the stars are important to the continuity then the contracts will reflect that and secure them just in case. There's not much surprise here though, and no big one that a Transformers sequel will go ahead.

Megan Fox confirms the news to MTV Movies Blog, and I don't think it's a big stretch to assume that Shia LaBeouf would be on for it either.



So I guess we know she won't die in this film.

Well it could have been a prequel.

It's Michael Bay, it's Transformers, and considering the rating...well, there aren't going to be many deaths other than robots, if that.

Seen It last night. It was the best movie of the summer. Waayyyy better than Spidey 1.


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