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Fu Manchu returns

FuManchu.jpgThe Producers behind the Fu Manchu villain films from the 1960's are bringing the character back to life. The President of production company Distant Horizon has been talking about the project and revealed their plans to create a new film with the character that Christopher Lee made his.

Over at The Hollywood Reporter Anant Singh says:

"We will reinvent Fu Manchu as an anti-hero who fits in with a more socially conscious world and that addresses the very complex multipolar world we all live in today...We have already begun to discuss Fu's rebirth with a number of exciting talents in Hong Kong and mainland China."

Although it's just a hint so far, and the production is just in its early days, it's great news that they aren't looking for a western actor to slap on make-up to play the character. Perhaps it will be a little more politically correct this time around.

There's no doubt though that the character is an interesting one, and could be one of the few films that actually could work with a remake/sequel/prequel/whatever-you-want-uel.



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