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Gemini Man has cloned hitmen

DavidBenioff.jpgSometimes I miss stories as I write others up and lose them, so it is with the Gemini story which I had a few days ago. Now though it's surfaced on another cool site so I thought I'd write about it, and this time get it posted!

Gemini Man is a story about an older hitman, beyond his time, who is forced to go head to head with a younger clone of himself. David Benioff has had the script since about 1977 and it has been a long time trying to break through, but here it finally is and Jerry Bruckheimer is the man to produce.

The story comes from Variety through Cinema Blend.

David Benioff is writing the Wolverine script and also wrote 25th Hour and Troy.

Now you can instantly see where this is going. Big effects, big sequences and loads of action, but is that a bad thing? The whole idea is strong and with cloning throughout the story perhaps we'll find some moralistic tale popped in there as well.



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