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George Lucas says Spider-Man 3 is silly!

GeorgeLucas.jpgGeorge Lucas has just destroyed his greenhouse. He has been saying that Spider-Man 3 is silly and lacks substance. This from the man that brought us the Phantom Menace.

Speaking to Fox News through WENN and Starpulse News Blog he said:

"It's silly. It's a silly movie...There just isn't much there. Once you take it all apart, there's not much story, is there? "People thought Star Wars was silly, too. But it wasn't."

Oh, it wasn't. Okay, well in that case sorry I was wrong, I take everything back, and I believe totally what you are saying about Spider-Man 3. Please note, that's sarcasm.

He sounds like a school kid in the playground. "That film is rubbish, and mine is wonderful, 'cause I say so."

What I think is silly is creating a long droning epic of a film that brings in a wonderful central villain and kills him before we've seen him on screen for two seconds, then spends the rest of the film stretching out a half hour concept.

Come now, don't say negative things against other people's films when you've made such a mess up of your own trilogy! Surely George Lucas is losing his mind, stop Indy now!



Up to this day, and it's been 8 years now, I still dont get the hate against The Phantom Menace. And why can't Lucas say his opinion, right or wrong it may be? I have read that the reviews for Spiderman 3 are not very good either, so he may be right.

I'm surprised he said that. I actually thought Spider-Man 3 was rather good. Well it's better than what other people with now high blood pressure and complains to Rami are on about.

'There just isn't much there. Once you take it all apart...' Is he referring to himself once you take away Star Wars from his CV?

Silly George.

'There just isn't much there. Once you take it all apart...'

Is he referring to himself once you take away Star Wars from his CV?

Interesting that SM-3 is the only summer, big budget blockbuster NOT to have it's special effects done by Industrial Light and Magic. Hmmmm.

This is quite funny. In essence I do interpret it as 'some comic book storylines are silly' which they are, doesn't make them uninteresting..

I didn't think Phantom Menace was as terrible as people make out, but then again I don't see the big deal that people make about any of the star wars films, they're okay.

As for Lucas .. I think he's allowed to say what his opinion is but he should know that everybody's going to magnify it & so think before he spoke a little to choose his words more carefully.. as for his CV hmm .. no comment.

Awwww, is poor little George throwing the toys out the crib because all three Spider-Man movies have outperformed all his prequels both critically and financially.

Is he sad that a "serious" film-maker like him has been beaten by a guy who got his big break making a self-taught horror movie with friends in the woods.

What a sad pathetic sore loser. He really has become so obsessed with Star Wars that he thinks his opinion of it is the only one that people should trust and it's the benchmark all the universe should be measured by.

Grow up George.

This from the man who brought us Jar-Jar Binks huh?

He may be entitled to his opinion, but once he decided to share it with the world we became entitled to judge him for it. The man is a hypocrite.

Is it coincidence that my favourite Star Wars films are the ones Lucas DIDN'T direct?

[[[[[RAMMMMMM]]]]] Well said mate!

Anyway, please have a look at this:


After having just seen Spiderman 3, I will have to agree with Lucas.

I don´t agree with Lucas. Spiderman 3 is, no matter what they say, just the logical continuation of the trilogy. It has the same virtues ant (little) flaws of the others.

And it´s not silly. At all.

Have you seen Spider-Man 3 yet Richard?

Just wondering what you thought of it.

Hey Matt, no I haven't. I'm bogged down in non-cinema reviews at the moment and trying to get through them all.

Exciting news on that coming next week by the way.

Peter: I can say what parts of the film I thought was silly, but then I will spoil it for the others.

I didnt dislike it altogether and that's because Bruce Campbell saved the day. :P


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