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Giamatti and Williams in The Hawk is Dying trailer

TheHawkisDying.jpgThe Hawk is Dying trailer, which is online, looks quite intriguing and hints at some strong character performances with quite a bit of darkness hidden in there. It stars Paul Giamatti, Michelle Williams and Michael Pitt, and follows a man who attempts to train a red-tailed hawk in order to bring some meaning to his life.

Yet that doesn't seem to adequately describe the film, especially when you see the trailer in its entirety. There's a lot more to it than that and Paul Giamatti's character looks set to find a relationship with Michelle Williams and at the same time begin to fall apart.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:Embed]

The Hawk is Dying looks very intriguing and naturally shot, and I'm rather keen to find out more about. This is another Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee, and with these two actors giving strong performances you could see why, that's even before we understand the extent of the story.

As an aside I adore birds of prey and have had the pleasure of flying them myself. If you can get to a place that allows you to fly them and get up close you really should, it's an amazing experience.



This looks interesting though not something I'll likely see on the big screen.


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