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Gibson's Neuromancer to be a film

Neuromancer.jpgWilliam Gibson's science fiction novel Neuromancer is without a doubt a classic and highly influencial story, and now it's set to come to the big screen.

The Producer Peter Hoffman has indicated that Joseph Kahn will direct, the director of Torque. While in Cannes Hoffman revealed a little of the plans for the US$70 million budget film which is being fast tracked.

Now I don't know what fans will think of the following statement from Hoffman through Variety, but it seems that the story will be getting the Hollywood treatment...

"...the project is not just a good sci-fi adventure but a story full of hot topics --issues like artificial intelligence, bio-engineering and alternate theories of immortality will be dealt with dramatically. There'll be a sort of love interest as well."

I don't know if that's the direction of the original story of Neuromancer, but I would hope that the film concentrates on the science fiction aspects more than the love interest story, wouldn't you?



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