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Guinness' The Lavender Hill Mob remake

AlecGuinness.jpgWe already knew that Frank Miller was set to Write and Direct his own comic book The Spirit, indeed he said that he will no longer let any of his projects go to other Directors now and that he would be helming them all. However in the same story we hear that the co-financers and co-producers are remaking The Lavender Hill Mob.

The Lavender Hill Mob was a British crime comedy from back in 1951 which starred Alec Guinness and a string of great British actors, Audrey Hepburn is even among the big names. It tells the story of a retiring bank clerk who has worked in a bank faithfully for twenty years. One day he meets a man and they start discussing the possibility of stealing the gold bullion from his bank, and before long a plan is hatched, a gang is fored, and the events begin. It's a cracking film with some superb twists in the story.

Variety say little more than the remake is underway and is being directed by Dean Parisot, who was last known for the Fun with Dick and Jane remake.

Yeah, you can see where this is going, downhill. I can't see this US remake working quite frankly, it just won't be able to capture the spirit of the original as well as the subtleties and nuances of British character acting of the time. It'll turn into big set pieces and the strong plot and character focus will be lost to in your face comedy moments.



I am in the middle of watching the classic Ealing comedy and I thought I would look up the details on IMDB. Only to be presented with two entries.

I don't understand the current trend to remake classic films. First "The Ladykillers" now this! It seems no film is safe, not even Hitchcock's amazing work with Michael Bay working on "The Birds".

I personally can't wait for this trend to stop.

The problem is Binny the trend will only stop when Hollywood stop making money on the films, and as long as they are doing that, they'll make them.

The audience needs to stop going to see them, or showing them that there's more to be had in other films.


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